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Default Re: Freezes with VirtualBox running 195.36.15 on X86_64

Well Rusty, you had more "luck" than me. I've been a real enthusiast of VirtualBox but right now I'm really getting tired of all the struggle to use something that used to work, and now it doesn't no matter what I do.

I used to think (and hoped for) the cause of it was the Nvidia Beta driver but at this point, I'm sure it is not. I tried the nv X driver within 10 minutes, freeze. I tried my onboard Radeon HD 3300. Few minutes, freeze. I use to be able to use stably at least an XP vm, which I can no longer do. And I know for sure it is not any hardware problem, because EVERYTHING runs smoothly and fast, no matter what OS I use, except VB

I bought the machine I have now because of VB and it is a real drag to see that an open source virtualizer runs better and more stable in windows than on FreeBSD.

Can you believe that the attached picture was once possible in my machine?
Blame on me because I was stupid enough (or maybe just optimistic) not to save both FreeBSD and VB sources at that point, thinking that it could only get better.

Well, forgive me for using this forum for my grieves and disappointments.

Thanks for reading and best wishes
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