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Default Re: Worth Upgrading GTX 285 to 470?

Originally Posted by DarkOneX View Post
Ya I wouldn't want SLI though, I got friends with it and every one of them complain of stuttering issues which would drive me insane. Also wanted to throw out there that the cost of the upgrade potentially would be $50-$100 for the 470 or $200-$250 for the 480 depending on how much I get out of my XFX GTX 285 on Ebay. Going by completed auctions for them just this weekend I saw a couple used ones go for over $300 so I may be lucky and get that I hope.
Stuttering hasn't been an issue with SLi for a long time. I have SLi right now and I love it. I would have upgraded if it had been worth it but only going SLi or XFire would be worth it for me.
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