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Default Re: Worth Upgrading GTX 285 to 470?

[H] put it nicely...

GeForce GTX 470

Starting from the bottom up, we would say the least relevant video card is the GeForce GTX 470. In all our gameplay testing today, not once did the GeForce GTX 470 provide a superior gameplay experience compared to the Radeon HD 5850, even in Metro 2033. In fact, performance was very close between both video cards, and in some cases the Radeon HD 5850 proved to provide faster framerates. Looking strictly at performance, these video cards are equal.

Of course, we have to look beyond just performance, as metrics such as cost and power consumption come into play. The GeForce GTX 470 is more expensive than the Radeon HD 5850. We are seeing some great deals on Radeon HD 5850 cards starting to crop up, and the fact is that the Radeon 5850 can be purchased with a lot less of your cold hard cash. Looking at power, the GeForce GTX 470 consumes a good bit more power than the Radeon HD 5850, while also producing higher thermals.

The HD 5850 is the clear value winner when compared to the GTX 470. We have been telling you that the Radeon 5850 is the best value in enthusiast video cards since last year and the GTX 470 does nothing to change that.

Also, the 5850 will OC 30%!
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