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Default Re: Man, it is sooo hot.

Cooling video cards has been a problem longer then the cpu. When I first went from an ATI all in wonder to a 3dfx card, It only had a heat sink at a time when cpus all had fans. The thing died within a few minutes of an online game and I always put extra cooling on my cases. When the replacement came, I stuck a cpu hs fan on it.

Next card was also 3dfx and by then they figured out they needed fans. I thought, good, don't need to mod it... wrong, again died ina few minutes. So when the replacement came, I stuck a bigger fan on it.

Next card was an early nvidia card, basicly geforce1. Right from the start I replaced the stock fan and added in 2 80mm fans blowing down on the card..

ti4600.. for that computer, cpus where getting hot again and water cooling was getting popular, so I went water all the way. CPU, GPU, and chipset. I didn't like always worrying about water levels, buildup in the pipes, is it leaking, etc..

So for my current system I was happy to go heat pipes. 4u rack case with 120mm front fan and 2 80mm rear, PhenomII x4 945 (95w). Motherboard (MSI NF980-G65) has heat pipes also. with 120mm fan on the cpu, it just reaches the 40c mark for speeding up the fan with all 4 cores in stress test. Thats a good design. CPU makers, at least AMD, have learned to keep power and heat down. I did have to pull the heat pipe from the motherboard and replace the crappy pads with OCZ Freeze. The chipset which has integrated video was pushing 105c under load. Now it stays around 77c. Tossed in a 20mm fan to make sure it stayed that way. All fans run at low speed and low noise.

One of these new 480's would pull more power at idle then the rest of the computer under full load. They really need to get their act together and start focusing more on power/heat loads. We shouldn't need a seperate circuit just to power the video or specialized aftermarket cooling.
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