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Default Re: Man, it is sooo hot.

Originally Posted by MikeC View Post
For what its worth, I can confirm that the GPU will shut down at 106c. I reached that temp by running FurMark with manual fan control (at 70%).

I ran the test again, but this time I began to manually increase the fan speed once it hit 105c. Here's what I recorded:

75% - 105c
80% - 105c
85% - 105c
90% - 102c
95% - 99c
100% - 99c

Once it gets hot, it stays hot
Surely at 100% fan it would not get that high...Could you maybe set it at 100% fan at idle and then stress the GPU to see the max temp recorded ?

Its just recently i set up a profile on rivatuner for my GTX285 fan speed. I have 80% fan kicking in way earlier than default driver version and have noticed a 15c drop in load temp since i did it.
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