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Default Re: Bryan Del Rizzo Interview on the GTX400 series

Originally Posted by Vardant View Post

300W TDP, then 275W TDP, not able to hit 600MHz, switching from 512 to 480 and back or how about suggesting, that GTX 480 needs 42A alone? The last one wasn't actually him, but it's on his at least he knew about it. There was also a point, when he denied something on B3D and completely changed his mind few hours after that.

What he might have gotten right is, that they were late, hot, power hungry. But he always says that. No wonder he gets it right, sometimes.

I'll admit, that he has sources. But he always puts a spin on it. For what purpose, I don't know.
He was about 95% accurate. Compared to NV PR, that was about 25% accurate. Yeah. Stop being a total fanboy.
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