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Blah, then they think wrong. Provided the hardware manufacturer does a decent job, compiling a module to drive a piece of hardware is usually EASIER (in my experience) than compiling a program from a CVS tree or the like. Hell, in my first six months of Linux use, a few years back, I was able to compile a module to drive a Realtek ethernet card, back before that hardware was supported by Slackware (which I was using at the time). If a TOTAL Linux newbie (I'm now an experienced idiot...) can do it, they ought not consider it too hard. Nonetheless, thanks again for the help and the info. I've now got the UT demo working nicely in Linux, except for messy sound, which they blame on ALSA and suggest I use SDL for sound. Not that they tell me how, but neither this thread nor this forum is about sound concerns.
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