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Default Re: Man, it is sooo hot.

Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
Personally i'm going to try and get 2 of the EVGA with the factory watercooling blocks on. I have heard they are clocked at 750 on the core and run at 45 degrees under load.
That's the way to do it.

Now if I preferred Nvidia in my box and was a watercooler like yourself I'd have no second thoughts about this. That should work out well for you. Sure, you have your down sides like ambient temperatures around you rising (I remember how much I used to sweat around my 8800GTX SLI from all the heat coming off the radiator...) and it impacts other components in your loop (if you have any.) But going with these on water is much more reasonable than air. And not only that, but the cards seem to scale really well from overclocking, and this will give you that edge.

If there ever was a card destined for water, these are it.

I'm afraid that guys on air are going to see a very high failure rate. From Mike's tests, even 100% fan speed wasn't enough to keep the temps from hovering around 100c, which is nuts. I know it's Furmark, but still.

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