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Default Game Pirate tries to steal Game Code at PAX

Some ****ing pirate copied the game code to Breach and was arrested after a developer saw him. This is a perfect example of how much respect these tools have for the industry and community. This is a public game convention for the fans and he abuses it.

According to a representative for the company, the suspected thief managed to download some of the code and then run into the crowd after he was spotted. He was eventually apprehended in the large crowd and the game's code was found on his computer.
"This guy had only succeeded in copying about 14MB to his laptop before our staff caught him,"
The suspect spent four hours in jail, and his laptops, modded Xbox 360, modded PSP, modded DS and XMP3 were confiscated by police.
Best part...

Stephen Toulouse, director of policy and enforcement for Xbox Live, actually had an incident with the suspect earlier in the day during his panel "Enforcement on Xbox Live: Tales from the Din Part 2" (audible beginning at the 40:15 mark). During the Q&A section of the panel, the alleged thief asked if he could have his Gamertag unbanned. Toulouse asked him what he'd done, and he said that he'd played Forza 3 before release, which Toulouse told him he shouldn't have done. Toulouse was clear to point out during the panel that buying games early, from a retailer that breaks street date, and playing them online doesn't get Xbox Live players banned, but illegal pre-release play does. The suspect later admitted to Joystiq he illegally downloaded Forza 3 early.
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