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Originally posted by Sotos
Man i have said a million times


which is with
-INTRUSION SYSTEM (with VISUAL TRACKING that tracks Attackers IP address))

and other secondary Privacy tools

but even with that someone tried to send me a TROJAN VIRUS(not in my email) while i was reading posts in these FORUM

How many times i will tell that i was NOT OPENING ANY EMAIL someone TRIED TO SEND IT TO ME

Ummm dude, just because your software informs you that you have been attacked, doesn't mean that you are.

For one, you can't even get a person's ip address from this forum, unless the nVNews server itself was compromised.

What was the name of the Trojan? Or the name of the vulnerability it was attempting to exploit?

For all we know, you have the uber L33T norton security settings so restrictive that it informs you that you are being attacked everytime an ad banner puts a cookie on your machine.

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