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Default Re: With 480's Updated Drivers?

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
This is why day 1 benchmarks don't really mean that much and lot of people know it. The GTX 480 outperformed the 5870 no question about that, but people are more concerned with the amount of heat it dissipates. While the performance is going to increase with time the heat, noise and power-consumption are going to pretty much stay the way they are.
I Luv U Toss3! Just wat I wanted to hear!

*continuing* Well, excuse my French, but crap! (jk)

Doesn't getting a case with four fans... three 230mm fans (Top,Side, and Front) and a smaller one to suck it out the back... solve the heat issue?

That is my plan. And the GTX480 is doing me a favor; because with a case like that I'll really be ready for a System upgrade to i7. In about six to nine months.

I've been waiting a long time to get the best of cooling cases.

And an 80+ Gold PSU can help with saving power. Right? And improve performance too.

I need one of those too. I've had my eyes on the best 80+ Gold PSU money can buy for over six months!
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