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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey guys

Sorry to tell you that i wont be around for a little while,I got myself into a little finacle trouble and have been forced to sell a few items (inc my gaming PC)to pay some outstanding debts that need to be paid quickly less they mount up,its mainly due to a service contract had that id banked on getting but due to the current economic climate the company it was with have just gone out of bussiness leaving me a little out of pocket.....i could have sold other items like my guitars and tools to cover the cost but those items are a little more personal and harder to replace than a box of PC components i havent been gaming or simming much anyhows these past few months so im not going to miss it that much (im sure you know thats a lie )

Anyhows Ive kept my main HDD with all the stuff i worked on for FSX so that beaver HD will get finished when im back online later on this year ive already sunk tomany man hours into it just just give it up or pass it on

So its fairwell for now but not goodbye Catch you all in a few months

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