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Default Re: With 480's Updated Drivers?

Originally Posted by Gaco View Post
Bee_Dee_3_Dee I can hear you like Nvidia, as do many of us. But your insistance of them having to be the best doesn't change reality however. ATI pretty much won this round. If I were building a new top gaming system today, I'd be with a 5970 or a couple of 5850's, not 480GTX. I don't expect this to change with upcoming drivers. A refresh of 480GTX might change it, but that's still to see how it behaves..

Only 480GTX SLI could be viable, not from a price/power drain/temperature standpoint, but purely from a performance standpoint. But ~700W for 480GTX SLI, really?

But you say you'll buy in 6-9 months, and who knows what Nvidia and ATI has launched at that point. No need to worry about graphicscard now if that's the timeplan
Thanks for feedback Gaco!

I said I would upgrade my system in 6-9 months. I'm getting a GTX480 now. (I'd get anything but a GTX480 in 6-9 months from now. You make me sound really stupid! JK. I chose the GTX295 over the GTX285! I sent my GTX280 back to NewEgg and chose the GTX295 over the GTX285. I'm still laughing at ppl that disagreed because of Micro-Shuttering! Funny ppl!)

An HAF930 Case will solve any fears I may have had when it comes to preventing a problem that the GTX480's heat might cause. And I've wanted one anyway for quite some time.

And as far as them being the best, well, I did buy the first 8800GTX ever sold on the Compusa's website. And as a result, I'll always be one of their biggest fan.

Power-wise, all I have to do is repeat, "80+ Gold PSU". You know which one. Right?

Oh, and i meant no disrespect Gaco. I don't care about which is better when it causes nothing to be accomplished due to egos, so don't take anything i ever say as anything but I'm stupid, English wise.
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