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Default Re: With 480's Updated Drivers?

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
So basically you are saying that you needed to get a new case, more fans and a new PSU just to accommodate a single GTX 480 and you see no problem with this? Upgrading to an i7 doesn't warrant better cooling. Noise also doesn't seem to bare any weight with you as adding more fans sure doesn't make your PC run any quieter.
Oops, sry, I just noticed your reply, Toss3.

Well, it makes complete sense the way you say it, Toss.

But I've wanted the new PSU so long. Here it is, if you didn't guess which one: SeaSonic X750 Gold 750W. It is awesome! (I've got 13 reviews bookmarked if you want 'em.)

But my existing system could use it already. You see, I lucked out that my Corsair 620HX PSU has worked from day one with a GTX295. But it shouldn't get as hot as it does. So I've needed the SeaSonic X750 Gold 750W, for 13 months now. Call it for safety-sake. And with five Hard Drives and even a Dual TV Card for a while, it has been a real stretch. Is that luck or what? (A 620 Watt PSU powering a GTX295 and five HDDs and an OCed CPU, for 13 months now. For three months it included a Duel TV Card too. But that's what you get when you buy the best. It was originally for an 8800GTX.)

Noise wise, Corsair's HAF-932 case has the best fans. And they should be quiet enough. I want the relief that a cool system will bring and I don't care about noise, if there's any. See, with two and three systems running at once you'd never notice because they cancel each other out.

I see you have an i7 up to 4.0GHz! w00t! Congrats Toss!

I know the Corsair's HAF-932 case is the way to go no matter what the CPU or how it's clocked. Cooling never hurt anything. And I can hear right now, the GTX480 I'm going to get, saying, "Put me in an HAF930" And, "I want a SeaSonic X750 PSU".
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