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Default Re: So... I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2... bored already

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
Tyger just hates this because he sucks at sniping. I was playing against him last night on the server and I WTFPWNED him and saw he was hiding in some bushes. So I broke out my trusty old M95 and went to TOWN ON HIM!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

But seriously Tyger, keep playing because in this game, ranks actually DO matter. If you are sniping it helps to throw motion sensors (4 on the keyboard) toward objectives because ANYBODY killed near those will give you 20 points and stuff and it helps the team out a lot. Other than that I can just say recon with a shotgun is actually AWESOME.
LOL while we were playing Tyger said "Who the hell is this Paul Kersey guy? He really doesn't like me or something". I said "Yea, that's Mr. Hunt".
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