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Default Re: GT/GTS/GTX 4XX Mainstream

Originally Posted by Gaco View Post
Ah fair enough. That is special needs indeed

On a sidenote I don't hope for (or foresee) any wider success for proprietary systems such as PhysX or CUDA (for gaming). I hope it goes away tbh and replaced by a platform where Nvidia, ATI and others can still complete in performance and quality, not exclusiveness!
Well, Futuremark is supposedly working on an API overlay or something that allows for PhysX with CPU rather than GPU, even though there's a GPU exclusive PhysX title. The results are rather scary. From the beginning, the AGEIA folks rendered PhysX at the CPU level. The add-on cards were for those that didn't want to use the CPU as a primary renderer for PhysX. In that regard, the AGEIA folks said that CPU PhysX is how it was always meant to run. It wasn't until after NVIDIA acquired them that they made it as a GPU exclusive. Titles like Dragon Age and the like are prime examples.

That sucks. But if they seriously make it more open-ended, I'm all for it. The Futuremark PhysX thing is pretty interesting, though.

On a lighter note, I talked with one of the more seasoned video editors at work about getting an ATi card over lunch, and we talked for about an hour or so. He told me to go ahead and get it. He has an ATi card at home on his rig and has no issues with working on rendering videos since it's all OpenGL. He said that the CUDA implementation would be kept strictly at work since the development licensing is theirs, and theirs alone. So there's no point other than using OpenGL at home. He also brought up the whole price/performance topic and said it's a "no-brainer right there." So although the cards at work are NVIDIA brands, personally, there's no argument if you wanted an ATi card for home usage. Fantastic!

Going to Fry's this weekend to get me a 5770. With all my credit slips, it should be about $90-something bucks without tax. I'm kind of nervous as I'm going back to the "Red Side", but I hope that I won't regret the purchase. The last ATi card I had was a 9800 Pro. At any rate, I don't need a beast of a card, but my 9600GT's are really starting to age.

I quit smoking two weeks ago, so hopefully I'll have more change in my pocket if I decide to get an NVIDIA card again, lol.
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