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Default Re: How Long Until They Cannot Be Called Games?(Splinter Cell 5)

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
Update: Reply from Ubisoft (not to me directly of course, but to this general sentiment)

We have to make the bad players feel like a badass, or else they won't buy our game!

I like that he at least acknowledged that making the game too freaking dumb and simple will turn off the "hardcore" audience who actually play games to play games. Of course his opinion on it is "screw the hardcore" which is disappointing. One hopes it will tank and teach them a lesson, but it will probably sell like gangbusters.

As gaming gets more and more a mainstream industry this is just getting more and more sad.
Lol... I personally don't care about this crap... but that reply is hilarious. Maybe make a good game and people will buy it regardless... Demon's Souls is a freaking HARD game with a steep learning curve and when it came out here it got great reviews and sold pretty well considering ALL reviewers mentioned how tough it was.

If the game is good enough, it will sell regardless of difficulty. I found the original DMC pretty tough in spots but I loved the game so I stuck with it and now I am beastmoding every other game as a result (ok not every one but whatever). The problem is SC1 was great at the time, pandora tomorrow was alright (the MP was fun for a while, but broken), Chaos Theory was great, and then Double Agent was GARBAGE. Worst money I ever spent. Buggiest game ever... I still can't believe I bought that game at full price considering I have played budget games that run better.
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