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Default Re: With 480's Updated Drivers?

Originally Posted by Gaco View Post
Well in the original post you referred to the 480GTX, so that is what I answered to in that post. 480GTX performs a little better than 5870. Therefore I expect that 480GTX SLI to perform a 2*(a little bit better) than 5870 Crossfire or 5970. But that doesn't change the fact that there is a theoretical maximum of SLI/CF configs being 100% faster than a single card, and in practice it's more like 80% on mature drivers on average. Right now 480GTX SLI doesn't scale like that because it is beaten by 5850CF and 5970 when it should win every single time because one 480GTX beats everything else.

So you see, it doesn't really change my original opinion, that 480GTX base performance over 5970 isn't significant enough for the power drainage, temperatur and price and SLI isn't going to change that even when they optimize it to run as it should for a dual GPU solution
No, my bad. I messed up and made you misinterpret it, Gaco. sry

The "SLI" was a reference to a single GTX295. (I wasn't commenting on GTX480 in SLI at all.) I thought you knew that a single GTX295 counted as SLI. sry. A lot of people at the time (including me) of the Release Notes to that first updated GTX295 driver asked if the SLI meant a single GTX295 and the answer was yes. I mistakenly presumed you new that. sry

As far as the, "480GTX base performance over 5970"?

That is why I started this thread. The 5970 has optimized drivers and I wanted opinions on what might happen within a few GTX480 driver updates, performance wise.

Even now, the percentage of increased performance of the GTX480 over the HD5970 is all the proof I need, that you (Gaco), have not settled for just reading just a couple of Benchmarks and you are mush less bias than many and very open to seeking facts and not just arguing and such.

What I mean is, some Benchmarks results lean towards the one card and others learn towards the opposite card. Yes, because they are close. But, that also brings up a big question. (Rhetorical of course.)

(The following is my rant and not a challenge to anyone.) If the HD5970 was so so so awesome and the King of Kings, then why when a few reputable and maybe maybe maybe absolutely correct Benchmarks, show the new GTX480 topping the HD5970, why does everybody jump on the, "But the Power this... and the Performance that... and the Price this and that.. Bandwagon?" (Rhetorical, no need to answer.)

If the GTX480 beats the HD5970 (or call it, crosses the finish line before the HD5970), and that is all the nVIDIA fans wanted; was it to beat the HD5870; and all the AMD fans wanted was for it not to beat the HD5870, let alone not come close to the HD5970; then Why not admit that in some Benchmarks and maybe maybe maybe fully scientifically proven correct, that the GTX480 beat the HD5070 by just a Hare in some and even more than just a Hare in others? It has beaten the HD5970 in some isn't enough? And with further updated drivers and with the HD5000 card's drivers optimized already, it is a victory but nobody sees it as one?(I'm not angry at all. I'm just seeking scientific answers rather than arguments fueled by people's egos.)

But the Power and Temperature numbers must be posted eventually. I'll try and get to it soon. Because sometimes words are not enough. I have to trust most people that say they have seen the figures and base their words on the figures. While at the same time others just say that they have when they have not looked at much at all. So that's why numbers are important.

When it comes to your comments about GTX480 in SLI:

480GTX base performance over 5970 isn't significant enough for the power drainage, temperatur and price and SLI isn't going to change that even when they optimize it to run as it should for a dual GPU solution
I won't disagree with that because of the misunderstanding that was my fault and that caused it to come up, and its true anyway. Just that there's no need to comment directly on it because of the reason, my fault, it came up.

But indirectly, you have to admit the Scalability of the GTX480 in SLI is unbelievable. (I'm referring to the FPS and excluding too much power wasted.) But yes, way too much power. The numbers are still amazing though. And with first generation drivers too?!!!

sry for the long post Gaco!
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