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Originally Posted by octapus View Post
I wonder if you know anyone who has seen smooth 1080p60 play in realtime?
Using libavcodec's software decoding? Sure, on decent hardware (not necessarily Core i7).
Using hardware decoding and presentation on current PureVideo hardware? No, that does not work afaik (although I have not seen qvdpautest results for GT240 and GF100 yet).

It does of course not make sense to test without audio: Any hardware decodes 1080p60 videos (sooner or later, I mean), the interesting question is if decoding and presentation are finished in time to keep A/V sync. MPlayer will not show desync or drop frames for video-only files.
If you don't find an xacti sample (apparently a camera that is able to record in 1080p60), just play any 1080@30 sample with -speed 2 or a 1080@25 sample with -speed 2.4 and watch mplayer's status line. If your hardware isn't fast enough (for software decoding), add -lavdopts skiploopfilter=all:fast and/or threads=2 (and don't forget to always test latest svn: software decoding was heavily improved speed-wise lately).

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