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Default Re: With 480's Updated Drivers?

Originally Posted by Bee_Dee_3_Dee View Post
My guess is, as far as individual video games go, they have to get the Video Card(s) into production and on the store shelves first and working sort of generically. Everybody has their own favorite five or even ten games. But there's 100's of games total to be optimized. And they can't put the cart before the horse. The few people that engineer the card's Hardware and software can't say, stop! and let's make this or that game work better. Or else they would never get on the store shelves. (Or maybe that IS wat happened.)

So only now can drivers can be tweaked for individual games. But feedback from owners of the cards must be a big-time resource for them to tweak drivers. And we're still 12 days away from that.
Could be, but what I was getting at was that we don't really know what was going on before NDA. We do know that they were pretty good at keeping what they had a secret. My guess is that in the amount of time from enough working samples to the day of NDA, that they may have had an in house team working optimizing performance (not specific bug's that would be reported by the community) for the past several month's of delayed upon delayed release. This may have lessened the chances of us seeing a performance boost that we've (sort of) come to expect.

After all, Ati had less time to release and there hasn't been that much of a performance difference. Even after the 480 benches. My guess is that were probably seeing about all we are going to get from these two.

Yea, I don't think those "few people that engineer the card's Hardware and software" have had much to do (waiting for tsmc) other than game on what they had.
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