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Default Re: With 480's Updated Drivers?

Originally Posted by Woodelf View Post
Could be, but what I was getting at was that we don't really know what was going on before NDA. We do know that they were pretty good at keeping what they had a secret. My guess is that in the amount of time from enough working samples to the day of NDA, that they may have had an in house team working optimizing performance (not specific bug's that would be reported by the community) for the past several month's of delayed upon delayed release. This may have lessened the chances of us seeing a performance boost that we've (sort of) come to expect.

After all, Ati had less time to release and there hasn't been that much of a performance difference. Even after the 480 benches. My guess is that were probably seeing about all we are going to get from these two.

Yea, I don't think those "few people that engineer the card's Hardware and software" have had much to do (waiting for tsmc) other than game on what they had.

Thanks for the input Woodelf!

IDK Woodelf, IMO the 256.xx drivers first mentioned by AngelGraves13 (thanks again,AngelGraves!), that are coming out in April should help in general. But the user's input is the icing on the cake when it comes to a tool to fix bugs in individual games. And until it's released that can't be done. It's the user's tens of thousands or more of different computer hard ware combinations that can't be created in any laboratory no matter how big it is.

Originally Posted by Woodelf View Post
You can't say that without expecting a response.

You are comparing an under clocked card. Atx spec or not, the 5970 is what it is (2x5870) and should be clocked as such. Very few of these two are not going to be overclocked.
Anyway, (as far as most in this price range are concerned) stock cooling performance potential is pretty much what should be benched.
I have a very similar setup to yours Woodelf, in relation to a Dual GPUs. The GTX295 I've had for 14 months now, is not a pair of fully clocked GTX285's like some might first conclude. It is a pair of under-clocked GTX285's or overclocked GTX260's. Or to be more precise, it is exactly in between the both of those cards, overall spec wise.

But I'm not quite sure what you mean by, "You are comparing an under clocked card". Did you simply mean that the HD5970 is a pair of under-clocked HD5870's and you wanted to be sure I understood that? I do and thanks.

And I was simply comparing a single GPU card to a single GPU card. And the same single GPU card to a Dual GPU card.

Thanks again for your input Woodelf. And congratz on the i7920 @4.0GHz! (Or was it easy too easy to get to 4.0GHz? I hope it will for me soon.) I can't wait to get one too. I luv Gigabyte MOBOs and I'll probably get a ud4p too!
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