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I was just watching some E3 videos from 2003 before the game launched... and the video clips shown- near nothing of them is in the final game. I recall that the source code got stolen, but did that require them to change the plot?

For example, in the below video, near half way through the video, you jump off a ledge onto this little flat area where Alyx is waiting for you. Moments later a combine soldier climbs up and tells you to "Hold it!" Seconds later, some transparent blue tentacle like those spirit things in the FF movie stabs the combine and drags him off. Seconds later two more tentacles rise up targetting you and Alyx- then the screen fades to black.

I'm just curious- what are we missing? Those earlier videos really make the game seem like it was going to be 10x cooler than it was, and I'm a big fan of HL2 as it is.

Was the original content ever released to public, legally? Did they ever reveal what we were unfortunate enough to miss?

Just curious, and reminiscing.
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