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Originally posted by TheTaz
Anybody know where one could get their hands on the Calandra Distro? I really wanted to try that one, but SCO has "pulled it until the legal BS is worked out".

Also... I'm looking for a SMALL Distro that will run on an OLD machine (Pentium 133, 64MB, 1MB Video, 2GB HD), yet use the newer Kernel. I have Red Hat 6.1, but I didn't really care for that Distro, and I'm looking for something smaller (Disk space req / mem req).


Have RH80 at home on p133 80Mram,2GB HD
If you install the minimum of packages it works
quite well .
The graphics are a little slow (GNOME) or mozilla, The main use of that system is for text mode applications : mc, gcc, apache,
You also could try a newer rh9 ...
ps : i tried mdk9.0 and slackware 8.x on that machine too
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