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I also remember waiting for this game. It was sooo jaw dropping! I still have on my hdd video with over 20 minutes camera recording with presentation of the game from e3 2003. The people are like "WOOOOW Jeez! MY EYES!" almost all the time...

These were times. I don't think there are games I wait for as I did for Doom3 and HL2. Guess it was my time then.(Kiddo waiting) etc(and those games werent overhyped too much imo)

Anyway... I even had that stolen alpha running on my pc. And Barely anything was working in there. I couldnt get to run almost nothing from the video. I remember even gravity gun wasnt working correctly

But there was BOREALIS level ! (litle part) Ep3 come on !

About alphas and betas of the games-Nothing beats Hitman2 beta with insane ragdoll ...Dunno how did I get my hands on this btw I still have Doom3 alpha with 2 levels. It feels soo much darker and creepier than final game, but good they did it how they did.

I love beta versions of games Anything You recommend?
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