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Default Re: So... I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2... bored already

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody View Post
Its Official.

This game is boring as hell without Hardcore mode. If I go as assault, its nearly impossible for me to die by bullets. Sniper bullets are like pea shooters. Another thing about "normal mode" is that you rarely see the "attackers" lose. Hardcore mode is the only time when defenders actually have any kind of shot during the rush. Last night when I went assault, I was planting bombs like crazy. Bullets seemed like they were just bouncing off of me.

My vote is that the NVNews server changes to a hardcore server. It would make things a lot more fun and actually give both teams a chance.
What does assault have to do with being harder to kill? All the classes have the same health. If you think you are the only person that is hard to kill, you are either lagging really bad. If not, you are welcome to come play on our server with me.

If sniper shots were 1 hit kill, the game would be extremely boring as whole teams would be sniper. Go on any hardcore server, it consists of at least 50% snipers per team. Get some skill and aim for the head.

Odd, most servers I've played on, the teams have been very well balanced. Attackers sometimes winning. If it's just an Attacker or Defender steam roll, I find a different server.

About Hardcore. Hardcore is not how the game is made to be played as I stated earlier. Snipers are extremely overpowered and annoying. All Hardcore turns into is a camp fest, no team work at all. Just down right boring to play.

If you want a better game play experience, go on vent, and find 4+ people to play with. Use some teamwork, it's great fun.
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