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Default Re: So... I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2... bored already

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
I think you guys would have a lot easier time on the maps if you worked together. Join a squad. Get the squad to have two medics, an assault, and an engineer. Then stick together and work up the sides with the medics in the rear, assault in front, and engi in middle.

Recons should have their own squads so they can get behind enemy lines. But recons should spend 99% of their time spotting and laying down mortar fire instead of sniping.

My two cents...
Did you read what I wrote? I was PERFECTLY FINE. My assault guy is almost TOO powerful because a million things can shoot him and he keeps chugging along. Seriously. The game is way too easy on Normal. The game should be default on Hardcore and have a "Super Kitty" mode for "normal" players. Game is way too easy.
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