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Default Re: NVIDIA's Drew Henry speaks about GTX480

A bad gamble IMHO.

The 4x0 series cards have received a lukewarm reception at best and as much as the tessellation and compute aspects of the cards are stronger than ATI's, no Dev/Publisher in their right mind is going to risk developing a game that doesn't run well on ATI's hardware at this point. By the time either of these features are relevant in anything other than benchmarks, ATI will have answered (possibly more than once).

The 480 is the performance leader, but given the heat etc, the only way you are realistically going to own one (or more) of these cards is by way of LC (or extensive additional air cooling). Why bother with that when you can go ATI and not have to worry about the extra expenditure and hassle?

This is the first time I have gone back to ATI in my main box in over 5 years but my experience thus far has been very positive. Nvidia's awful PR and their underhanded tactics (such as disabling GPU Physx on an Nvidia card when an ATI GPU is detected) are making me very happy I switched.

Short of something earth shattering from Nvidia, I don't see myself returning any time soon.
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