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Default Locating symbol sunOglCurPrimTablePtr in Solaris-x86 OpenGL libraries

I was porting a C++ program from Solaris Sparc to Solaris 10 x86. The program utilizes OpenGL library and the compilation is performed in a Sun Ultra27 workstation with the default GCC (3.4.3) and OpenGL library come with the machine. The NVIDIA graphic card is Quadro FX380.

However, the following OpenGL API call couldn't found while linking:

Undefined symbol                    first referenced in file
sunOglCurPrimTablePtr               ../../lib/
sunOglCurrentContext                ../../lib/
which, both sunOglCurPrimTablePtr and sunOglCurrentContext should be available in the default OpenGL library /usr/lib/ (links to /usr/X11/lib/NVIDIA/ At least they are existed in the OpenGL libraries in Sparc Solaris. But I couldn't find anything from

> nm /usr/lib/
(NOTE: the symbol reference are all stripped from the released NVIDIA OpenGL library?)

Searching on web, SUN or Nvidia didn't lead to any helpful resource. Any clue or helps?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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