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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by Bee_Dee_3_Dee View Post
I'm just curious, so don't take it wrong...

If somebody posted Benchmarks, comparing an HD5870 with its original drivers versus a GTX480, the gains would not be marginal. Let alone, if the GTX480 had its best drivers, from say several weeks from now, and the HD5870 had it's original drivers, the gains would definitely not be marginal.

The numbers would be the proof.

So far I have bookmarked 13, GTX480 Benchmarks/Reviews. This week I'm going to try and bookmark some original HD5870 benchmarks with its original drivers, and compare them with the GTX480.

The reason I'm so curious is, that asking if a GTX480 is worth an extra $75 after seeing the numbers comparing the two of them with the drivers I've suggested, should be asked. Just like it has been asked up until now. And isn't that fare? Or is it only fare to ask before you reverse the time-line? (That would be illogical, right?)
An extra 75$? How about an extra 200$. Also you cannot know if the GTX 480 is going to receive drivers that are going to perform better so comparing a 5870 with older drivers to a GTX 480 isn't fair. Nvidia has always had pretty good drivers at launch and no card of theirs has received 30% gains. You also need to keep in mind that it could take up to half a year for the perfect drivers to come out and by that time ATI is bound to have something better on the market.

The GTX 480 performs very good right now, but imho it should have outperformed two 5850s in order to be considered a good deal. No amount of updated drivers is going to bring its performance to that level.
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