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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

I'm more disappointed in the price per performance and heat ratio.

You can't deny the performance on this card this early in the game is GOOD, at least on the 480. I have a 285 and I don't think it's worth it to go with a 470, at least a single one. I may either go with another 285, a single 5870 or dual 5850's. Not sure yet.

Nvidia cards are a little harder to find these days due to what seems to be a cut in production. I think the price has recently gone up on the 260-286-295's. If I can find a 285 cheap, I may roll with it. The problem is I won't have DX11 with 285 SLI and a single 5870 will use less power than 285 SLI and it will have DX11.

What will probably happen for me is I'll wait for the 480 refresh that will be cooler, use less power and be cheaper, but that's a ways off.
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