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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
Here's the thing... Nvidia's design is going after a whole different area than the 5870's

Fast in traditional games
low power consumption
low heat output

Great dx11 and tesselation performance (heaven benchmark shows this)
Great double precision floating point performance (doesn't mean much for gamers...)
Far greater raw computational power compared to ATI's offering... I can guarantee if you used Folding @ Home a gtx 480 would by far beat a 5870

You need to step back and look at things in the way the companys are looking at them. Nvidia is focusing on absolute power, which has yet to be completely realized in games. ATI on the otherhand is going right to the consumer with a product that games well.... but there's a reason stream performance has been so bad compared to CUDA. When things start getting implemented with OpenCL we'll see the true power of ati and nvidia cards.
doesn't nvidia own heaven?
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