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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

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EDIT: I don't want to be that douche-bag fanboy.... so I did some research and I'm sad to report that I was sorely mistaken about ATI's performance. With Stream2.0 and the newest ATI cards there's a huge performance increase. With my system for example I'm running around 22,000 PMK/sec with my GTX 285 and 9,800 at the same time (14,000 and 6,000) respectively, with the rest being from my cpu. Here's the graph I found for this very very specific case of Pyrit which uses stream and cuda for computing PMKs (Pairwise Master Keys) for wpa passwords. Have a look at the graph.... they have yet to add data about the GTX 480 series.

Should I use profanity to describe my poor GTX295's sexual organ as a result of the chart in you just posted, snowmanwithahat? (Don't get me wrong, I'm just fine. But my poor GTX295 isn't... due to it seeing the chart....)
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