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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by Yaboze View Post
I have a another rig to stick the 285 in, so I'm not worried about dumping it for a loss right now. The biggest question is "What to get?". I'm leaning towards a 5870. My friend has a 5970 and it's a MONSTER.
For the money?

Unless you have the cash or are building a brand new system from scratch, there's no need to get one just yet.

Your best off waiting for the dye shrink and the price war. And, getting it within the Trade-Up period with BFG or EVGA. I did it with a GTX285 Febuary '09, and I Traded-Up for a GTX295. I came withing a few hours of BFG's 110 day Trade-Up program. Was I ever happy!?

And don't forget, especially because you have a GTX285 and can apreciate a single GPU, that dual GPU Video Cards are just that. (Two slower GPUs sandwiched together or placed on a PCB.) And even though my GTX295 has performed beyond the call of duty, if, its' same computing power, could have been packet into a single GPU, there would have been no hesitation to get it, instead.

(Consider the Pros and cons of a Cooler Master HAF-932. They are worth it. Everybody has copied the concept but the original is the best in this case. CRAP!!! I hate that pun. I'm going to throw-up.)

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