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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
No lol. WPA and WPA2 is currently the most 'secure' encryption for wireless home networks. It replaced WEP a while back and although it doesn't have huge flaws like WEP, its still possible to capture packets, and then crack the password through the use of a wordlist.

It was viewed as being unhackable because of the time it takes to compute a PMK (Pairwise Master Key), which is illustrated in that table.... even an i7 is horribly slow compared to the power of a 3 year old gpu. Video cards are extremely good at doing this and that's where alot of my CUDA time is spent.... sadly, like I said, ATI is actually doing alot better here.

What I find interesting is that its through the use of OpenCL that they got a huge improvement, not with Stream.... that chart I posted has a 4850 using Stream and OpenCL and you can see the numbers are alot different. ~2x better with OpenCL
Thanks for the graph.. it is better to compare GPUs that way than using folding@home. Folding@home nvidia client is excellent and use CUDA very efficiently. However, the ATI client which uses stream i presume is slow when compared to nvidia. my 8800GTX beats a HD5870 easily in F@H!
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