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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
3d gaming. that is where it is at. I am demoing it to thousands of people across the country and have yet to find someone who does not think it is the bees knees. If you want to do 3d gaming on anything other than a small screen, ATI will not work. you can only do 3d with ATI on an IZ3d monitor. With Nvidia you can game on any of the new 3d TVs coming out (current one I am working with is the 50" Panasonic plasma). With Nvidia, you can have better than Eyefinity . . .3d Surround owns it. period
At 30FPS!!!

Not for me buddy.

I'll wait for the 240Htz screens, and a video card that can power it at 60 FPS first.

Sorry to say but I think Nvidia is going to lose the next round as well. Then Nvidia will take back over the top spot.

And if I seem to hate nvidia right now... I do.

As I purchased 1 X 8800GTS / 2X 8800GTX's / 2X 8800GT's / 2X GTX285's (still have the dual 285's and 1 8800gt)

And can't use their card(s) I purchased to run Physx without a hack...

Thats just stupid... HEY NVIDIA, some people would buy your cards just for Physx if you were not stupid and disable it for your internal pride.!!! I remember reading why they disabled it and all most fell out of my chair in laughter... (real reason - ATI kicking our butts again, like back in the 9700pro days, so we'll try to keep this to ourselves...)

I hope Nvidia reads my post too!
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