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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
I'm not upset at all. I'm just saying that the GTX 480 isn't the best bang for the buck that's all. You get better performance with two 5850 in CF and lower power consumption.
I also wouldn't base my decision on computerbase's benchmarks as they used a lot of different drivers for their tests and there's no way of knowing if they used a proper Dirt 2 benchmark that doesn't utilize DX9 on the GTX480.

120Hz 3D gaming is also supported on ATi with the latest drivers from iz3d. Still in BETA though.

Cool. Thanks for clarifying that, Toss3. And for your input too.

(I just realized I must like you a lot because of the "3" in your nik and mine too. I'm not obsessed with the number three, its just a coincidence.)

Many ppl should choose HD5850CF. And the more inexpensive it gets, the more ppl should consider researching it. IMO, never pass up on a good deal.

But still, "Beta" is becoming sort of a Motif. Like, Physx is no prob, just hak it. There's a pattern forming that I hope can be avoided in respect to arguing, hopefully with intelligent questions and not the other tiresome ways.
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