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Default Re: Water cooling solutions for these cards?

Originally Posted by enoteware View Post
Yah that case is awesome my friend has it.
I found myself realizing it is the Bentley of cases in respect to it can be copied, but why buy a copy?

So many others have implemented the same fan layout, its unbelievable. While at the same time validates any argument that Cooler Master hit a home run out of the park with the design.

A 230mm Fan directly blowing on the Video card from the side; a second 230mm fan blowing down on everything; a third 230mm fan at the lower front of the case blowing air backwards through the case; to a fourth fan, a 140mm fan at the top rear that blows all the air out of the top rear.

I need not say more than, it's as if Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were reincarnated just to engineered it.
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