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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey guys

Thanks for the kind words there much appreciated

atm i dont expect to have another rig up and running till atleast aug but i think im gonna go for the i5 750/asus p55d/ocz combo for when i do that should be within my buget(& a good way to blow my tax rebate),i dout i'll go for a 480gtx
to go with it as there much to expensive here in the UK atm add to that the power draw/hot/loud limted mutliview options & over all its not a card for me,i'll see what ATI have out come aug also see what prices are like around that time till that time,till then im stuck with a 360 for gaming.... (got given a banned console) i havent consoled gamed since the dreamcast! so that will be a bit strange.....hummm

All the best
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