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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by Sowk View Post
Its not always that easy...

Metro 2033 was causing people problems, new Nvidia drivers now have the need to setup multi hacks, I should, nor any ATI owner have to do this, if they too OWN their NVIDIA cards that "support" physx.
omg! i never thought of that. geez, that suks.

I guess if the games you like to play, have good physX, then you have to do it. But I think it belongs in another thread because that would maybe produce results. Like NV fixing it. Better yet, I think AMD and NV have to work together on a project that fixes it.

And another thread would be a good place to expand on why it is like it is (PhysX). But here in this thread, it's more about disappointment that the creator of this thread has in the GTX480 shortly after its' unveiling.

Just remember that getting the problem fixed should be focused upon. And bashing NV can't solve the problem. It would be like screaming at politicians when you could be following the path to a solution. Turning blue in the face is all that gets accomplished. Might as well jump on Intel's bandwagon then. And we all know the eons and eons it will take for good video cards from Intel to arrive.
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