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Default Re: So... I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2... bored already

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Why include a SP portion in a game if you don't intend on people to play it? The Bad Company series is a SP series with MP. Theres a reason they put a story into it, even though its a bad one with annoying characters.
Why play the SP when everyone says it sucks? Who cares why they put it in. The fact remains that the multi-play portion of this game is top notch. We get on vent and run around in our squads, it is simply the best squad based team ever made.

WRT to the game being sluggish, this is the norm for Dice made games. They are known for HORRIBLE performance but fantastic game play. That being said this game does have problems but it is by far the best written game by Dice. That does not mean the game runs as well as say MW2 but it is better than BF2 and lord knows better than 2142.
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