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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by Sowk View Post
The GTX480 is not bad, just not what most wanted.
Do you think that is why ppl jump on the Power, Heat, and Noise Bandwagons?

I forgot to bookmark it last night, but I read something like, it is a common occurrence (jumping on the Power, Heat, Noise Bandwagons) when it comes to close benchmarks.

A GTX480 uses less power on idle than my GTX295 does. I might not bother with getting another PSU right away. And a GTX480 uses less power on full load than my GTX295 does. Nobody has mentioned that until me just now. Isn't that a big plus for me in regards to getting a GTX480?

I think it has been excluded for obvious reasons in addition to the Power, Heat, and Noise Bandwagons.
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