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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

To throw out some random numbers at the question: A 9600GT thats second up there, has a theoretical peak of 312 Gflops(lower in actual use) and as you say, hits 36% utilization. This ends up at about 100 Gflops, theoretically. A quad core intel CPU, at 3.2 GHZ has a theoretical peak of 96 Gflops(lower in actual use). If you could use the whole CPU, and the code was properly tuned to a CPU, you could probably run similar Physx on a intel quad. However, you couldn't use all 4 cores. At best, you could use 2 cores. So cut that in half.

So, theoretically by the numbers, a 8 core CPU could probably run Physx equal to what GPUs do now on 4 cores. Maybe a 6 core could on 4 cores with 2 for the rest of the system. Physx isn't nearly as demanding as NV makes it out to be, thats all for show.

Edit: Indeed, digging a little more out of boredom, the lowest supported Physx card is a 8600 GT, which has a theoretical peak of only 114 Gflops, including the "missing MUL" of that series of cards. Actual peak theoretical rates would be about 76 Gflops, 20 Gflops below a quad core Intel or AMD CPU.
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