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Default Re: nvidia driver very unstable on gtx260m

helping you out with some nonbumping bumping

Got the same problem here with the Alienware M15x / 260M 1GB / i7 720

Trying to use it as an emergency fallback for my broken MacBook Pro until I make it to the next apple store. Works fine except for the x-server crashes.

In my inpatience I installed Ubuntu 9.10 64Bit. At first I used the 180 driver. As soon as the flash player started to play video on vimeo or youtube the X crashed within one minute. Fixed that by using the 180-dev package. No idea why that worked. However still unstable. Crashed mostly when using GIMP or the Gnome image viewer.

Reinstalled all of it, using the 195 driver. The flash player did cause X to crash again so I got rid of it. That all worked well until I opened Skypes Option window, boom crashed. Yet not in a repeatable manner.

Result is a system I can use for several hours, yet it crashes after a while. That means its not usable. Hate the idea to lose an hours work or just get interrupted in my workflow.

Got the book as a gaming rig, now it also needs to be a fallback workstation. Great book, buggy driver.

The 2D drivers are not an option to me since I need Compiz's screeninversion. Unlike the accessibility inversion its usable due to its speed. And without inverson I get crazy. I hate bright screens. Besides one is used to some eyecandy thse days.

Will try it with the 32bit version of Ubuntu. Perhaps that will help. Keeping you guys informed.

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