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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
In terms of overall efficiency relative to the transistor budget used,price,power usage and performance delivered,the HD5870 has it beat hands down...It's simply a better product in those aspects.
I forgot abut the efficiency, Shadow.

But what if only the FPS numbers were in consideration?

And just what exactly are the numbers?

Meaning, if you didn't care that a newly released card costs $80 more, and didn't care about the power, or the noise. So if none of those were an issue. And only the FPS mattered.

And depending on your personal preferences, the Games you like to play, the settings you like, show me the FPS numbers.

Because with the charts I have seen, you don't want to trade for the performance of a GTX480 for the performance of an HD5870. No way. No time.

Meaning, if I had two curtains, and all you knew was that you had to choose one computer out of the two. And behind curtain #1, was a PC that ran a game at 36 FPS. And behind curtain #2, was a PC that ran the same game at 25 FPS. You would seriously pick the one that ran at 25 FPS?

Remember, you don't care about $80 anymore because you get it free. And the Heat is just fine, because the one with a GTX480 has a very cool case. (no pun just temperature wise.) And the noise may still be debatable but I have several PCs that cancel each others sound out, so imagine you do too.

36 FPS or 26 FPS?

Which one is it?

36 FPS or 26 FPS?

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