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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
Multi-GPU card is ATI strategy to compete against the top end NVIDIA cards in the last 3 generations. I'm sure ATI could have also develop a huge chip with more transistor. Looks like the multi GPU design was better and more economical choice.

For that reason I bought the HD 4870 X2 and HD 5970, would have also purchased the GTX 295 if it was not late on the market and originally still with the sandwich design.

The bottom line is ATI still has the fastest Graphic Card, it's not here to compete against multi Graphic Cards system same like GTX 295 wasn't. The only purpose for the GTX 295 was to have the fastest Graphic Card on the market.

As I said before, true NVIDIA has the fastest GPU but people don't buy GPU, they buy Graphic cards.

Now if the GTX 480 was faster than the HT 5970 (as some NVIDIA shills predicted) I would not think for a minute to order one but buing two GTX 480 for at least 1000 USD for me is not a smart option.

This is my reason to stick with the HD 5970. I'm sure some people have many other reasons why they bought tha ATI cards this round, for example 6 months sooner on the market, less expensive, better power consumption, less heat, more quiet etc.
How many Reviews/Benchmarks have you Bookmarked as of now, Heinz68?

What if I showed you Benchmarks where the GTX480 beat the HD5890. And not just the HD5870?

What would you say then?

You'd say something like, well I don't even play that game?

Or, my monitor doesn't go up that high?

If it can beat it in a few games, with the first drivers ever released for it. And, if it can beat it at a few resolutions, with the first drivers ever released for it.

What then, will it do, with newer drivers?

Beat it even more, is the logical answer. Right?

The HD5970's drivers are maxed out and newer ones are not going to gain anymore performance for the card. But the GTX480 will keep improving performance for the next 4 to 20 weeks easily.

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