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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
You don'tknow that. Throughout the life cycle of a card, drivers are constantly improving performance. Dirt 2 saw a 25-30% increase on the 5970 just before Fermi came out.

480 will have more of a ceiling, but to say 5970 won't see any increases is illogical.
"Dirt 2 saw a 25-30% increase on the 5970 just before Fermi came out."


My point exactly!

Do you think it will improve beyond that?

Now it is 25-30%. What next? Improvement that make the Dirt 2's existing improvement of 25-30% go up to 35-40%? Then after that improvement that takes it to 42-45%? Then even higher than that?

No. It is not getting substantially better than that. The card is six months old. The driver updates only improve performance for so long. Only a few percentage points in improvement are possible now for the HD5970.

Whereby the GTX480 is going to improve substantially. Just like the HD5970's performance improved substantially. It grew and grew and grew for six months after its' release. Look at its' numbers now compared to then. And now, look at the GTX480's numbers grow and grow and grow over the next few weeks and months. The GTX480 will achieve more and more.

Many achievements if recorded in a Guinness Book of World Records would remain as first obtained by the HD5970. Just like walking on the moon was first obtained by Neil. So what if you get there second? Right?

But the achievement is still just as worthy as before! People still climb to the top of Mount Everest. Right?

Don't applaud your card when it achieves a certain mark in Crysis; and then refuse to applaud the competitor's card when it reaches and even surpasses that same mark! Applaud it too.
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