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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
Such a useless argument it is just unbelievable, since very few people buy a $500 Graphic Card to play one game, they compare the average performance and the other factors which I pointed out.

Anyway there is not such animal like HD5890 at least not yet.

I can find some benches were the HD 5970 was faster than GTX 480 SLI, same useless.

The fact is the HD 5970 is the fastest card on the market, get used to it.

I had not any problem to give NVIDIA credit for the fastest card when the GTX 295 came out and NEVER argued otherwise even though the GTX 295 was not faster in every game than the HD 4870 X2 I had at that time. Actually on some games at 2560 x 1600 with higher settings the GTX 295 was getting zero ratings (unplayable) due to shortage of WRAM.

People also don't buy Graphic Card to SPECULATE what future drivers might or might not do.

ATI has hard time to get the developers cooperation on some of the TWIMTBP games when not released (some time even after release), NVIDIA had much longer time to work on such drivers.

NVIDIA had much more time to work on the drivers than ATI had when they released the first HD 5*** cards.

GTX 400 cards were about 6 months delayed but the basic architecture didn't change so the driver team had plenty of times to work on the drivers.
Sry for all the typos.

It was a long day at work.

I didn't mean a single game.

That was just an example. I didn't want to have to type on and on.

But answer the very first question I asked on my previous post and I won't ask any more on this post.

"How many Reviews/Benchmarks have you Bookmarked as of now, Heinz68?"

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