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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Well put it this way,even if we don't pay attention to the power or noise or price issues and concentrate only on the FPS performance delivered,and while the GTX480 is faster overall,in practical terms,show me a single game where the end user would be playing a game smoothly at a given setting on the GTX480,where under the same settings,it wouldn't be playable with the HD5870 cards.

Keep in mind that playable for me means averaging 60 FPS or close to it,which ensures that dips into the 20~30 FPS range are few and far between,which definitely doesn't qualify as smooth by any standard when a given card hits FPS values that low,especially in fast paced first person shooters.

Based on the conclusions from a fair amount of reviews,the 10% average performance gap between the GTX480 and the HD5870 simply doesn't allow that to happen in practical terms....If it's too slow to be smooth by the HD5870 at extreme settings(read 30 FPS or lower average),then the overall situation isn't much better with the GTX480,even if it's 10 FPS faster,and many times on fair amount of games the gap isn't that large....It's still not enough of a performance gap between both basically.

The faster FPS argument for the sake of faster FPS doesn't work if there isn't practical benefits in the real world gaming experience....If going for the sake of faster benchmark numbers,then the GTX480 wins for sure over the HD5870.
IDK if the following pic can be inserted for long so it is from Here (BattleForge DX11 1920 x 1200 - Maximum Quality - SSAO High).

The GTX480 @60.9 FPS is 27% faster here compared to the HD5870 @47.2.

So I don't know about where you're getting 10%. (JK. You mean over-all. I know. And I'll have to work on that later.)

Too bad they don't show minimum frames. Well, good for you they don't Shadow001. (JK)

Note: The GTX480 only costs $79 more than an HD5870. And that is ONLY 31% more!

So, 27% improvement for 31% more.

OK. I know. I know. I'm talking like a car salesman. I have to crunch a lot more numbers before I make a claim like that. sry

But the GTX480 drivers maturing are a bigger factor than you are acting like they are Shadow001.

I'll post my 13, GTX480 Reviews/Benchmarks tomorrow. I got to crash for now. c ya Shadow001.

( That "001" in your nik, and your excellent English, gives away how intelligent you are. You should take the "001" out of your nik if you don't want to give away how intelligent you are.)
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