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I came on here today looking to see what I was doing wrong that I was unable to play back 1080p60 h264 encoded video. I just got a Panasonic HDC-TM700 which records h264 video at 1080p60 with a bit rate around 28mb/s. I was disappointed when the video did not play back smoothly using VDPAU. I would max out around 45 fps.

After scanning this thread, it looks like I don't have a problem but the hardware simply does not support what I was hoping to do. I tried decoding with software using a e8500 cpu and was unsucsesfull as well.

One thing that does work at least is re-encoding with handbrake to mpeg-4 with the same resolution and frame rate and a bit rate of 20mbs. This plays back smooth using ffmpeg to decode with software.

So, I'm still bummed I can't play back the untouched video produced by the camera. Any chance the VDPAU enabled devices will be able to decode such video in the future? Or, can any one say what kind of cpu would required to decode with software?
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