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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by Bee_Dee_3_Dee View Post
Sry I should have asked, "How many GTX480 Reviews/Benchmarks have you Bookmarked?"

The reason that it is not a useless question is that you saying, "a site that has 51 Reviews/Benchmarks listed" exists doesn't tell me anything about how much you have actually looked at the numbers (GTX480 Reviews/Benchmarks) and read the reviews. The reviews are written by experts.

You're not more knowledgeable than the professional experts that write the GTX480 Reviews are you?

To continue on the question, if you had said you Bookmarked say, 10, 15, or maybe even 20, GTX480 Reviews/Benchmarks, I could understand just how odd it is that you think the GTX480 is loosing so much to the HD5970. Because it is not. And you may not have looked at enough Benchmarks to realize it.

I think looking at 10, GTX480 Reviews/Benchmarks, and studying them is an acceptable number. But if you don't read and study at least ten of them you can easily be unaware of the facts.

Now with that said, I will tell you that I have read 13, GTX480 Reviews/Benchmarks and I plan to collect many many more. Before I bought my GTX295 last year I read through and studied over 10 GTX295 Reviews/Benchmarks. And ended up with with a grand total 23.

Here's a post I made on 01-21-2009 with all 23, GTX295 Reviews/Benchmarks:

So, if you want to really prove that what you're saying is true, you need the numbers to back it up. Ever heard of the saying, "It ain't braggin' if you can back it up ...period"?

Show some numbers and prove what you're claiming.

Because the numbers I'm looking at include the HD5970 loosing to the GTX480 in not just one Benchmark but several. And after the driver updates it's only going to get worse for the HD5970 and NOT better.
You're complete waste of time. It is you who has a HUGE problem to get it that ATI has the fastest card on the market. It is you who needs to read more GTX 480 reviews not me. Read one more time what I said:
Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
Also useless question. The answer is I didn't bookmark any. There is a site that has 51 Reviews/Benchmarks listed, I'm sure there are more of them. I only did read few reviews on the major sites and few others "Conclusion" only. There is no need for me to read more, have no time for that.

Every site concluded that GTX 480 has the fastest GPU no argument about that. Did not see any site that concluded GTX 480 is the fastest Graphic Card. I think even some of the biggest NVIDIA shills would have hard time to argue that, so I don't know where are you coming from.

I hope this is end of the argument at least for me.
Your link to 23, GTX295 Reviews/Benchmarks you posted on 01-21-2009 is completely irrelevant to the subject, even more so since I said myself in my first post this thread that the GTX295 was the fastest card on the market,also here.

I believe the subject here is HD 5870 vs GTX 480 buying decision. If the GTX 480 was on average faster than the HD 5970, I would get one as soon as available, don't know how many times I need to say it.

I already said that few times even few months ago when some NVIDIA shills and fanboys predicted that the GTX 480 is going to be 50% faster than the HD 5870. But I'm sure not going to downgrade to GTX 480, how hard is it for you to get it? If you don't see it as downgrade that is your problem. Actually not since you don't need to deal with it.

Right now my ONLY upgrade option if I wanted to go NVIDIA would be GTX 480 SLI = $1000 plus tax, for SLI. I might also need water cooling for the SLI about another $500 or at least new mobo in order to run the cards on slot 1 and 3, might even need both mobo and water-cooling. I also would not downgrade the mobo and the ASUS Rampage III is going to cost at least $400.

I don't care about your drivers SPECULATION about how faster the GTX 480 is going to get. I already did answer it here.

If the GTX 480 ever becomes worthy upgrade to my HD 5970 I sure will deal with it at that time.

If i did listen to all the fanboys SPECULATIONS how fast the GTX 480 is going to be and coming out just about every month since October last year, I would have never bought the HD 5970.
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